The whole point of this blog is to deliver the news from Caroline–updates on my creative and professional activities, as well as the occasional personal musings, so that I have a home, as it were, online, where all of my various projects connect. I haven’t really been doing that, but there’s no time like the present for making changes.

My plan is now to post an update every week or so, and then to do additional posts on other topics as the mood takes me, perhaps one or two per month.

The School with No Name

I’m fond of this project. I like its characters, I like its setting–the whole thing is just plain fun. As I’ve said elsewhere, SWNN is a novel-in-blog-format about a community organized around a non-denominational pagan seminary.

In recent posts, the narrator, Daniel, has begun his fourth year at the school, his final year as a ‘novice,’ or undergraduate. He’s feeling pretty weird about this–the beginning of the end kind of snuck up on him, the way it does. He’s also been thinking about love and magic, discussing the importance of surprise as an aspect of mystery, and dissecting dead deer.

As I’ve said, I like this project. I’d like to develop it further–I’ve played around with the idea of making a book out of it, but there is something static about a book that would be less fun than the open-ended nature of a blog. At the same time, the story could benefit from the editing and reworking that novels undergo, something that the pace of blogging really precludes. Perhaps someday I’ll publish a secondary version of the blog that has been edited?

Climate in Emergency

My climate blog continues. Recent topics have included the morality of Star Wars, severe weather, and my unexpected experience lobbying in Washington. I’m also making a push to get this blog funded so that I can afford to explore the project. The first step is almost certainly to increase readership, but I’d also like to collaborate with a small group of committed sponsors, if I can connect with the right people.

Ecological Memory

This is a novel on the way. I don’t like to talk about unpublished work too much, since it’s hard to say which projects will come to fruition, but this one is now in its fifth draft and this could be the last, or next-to-last draft before I send it to the publisher. So I’m pretty well invested in it and excited about the characters and themes.

I’m also getting kind of crazy with associated daydreams. I have five or six sequels planned. I have no idea yet how many of those will see the light of day–but it’s a fun process.

To Give a Rose

My published novel has been only available as an ebook for the past few months. This may be about to change. I’ll keep you posted.


About Caroline Ailanthus

I am a creative science writer. That is, most of my writing is creative rather than technical, but my topic is usually science. I enjoy explaining things and exploring ideas. I have one published novel and another on the way. I have a master's degree in Conservation Biology and I work full-time as a writer.
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